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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a new roof?

The best way to determine is to have a professional evaluate the condition of your roof.  Many factors go into making this determination.  Age of the roof, type of roofing materials used, ventilation and Recent weather events all play a factor on the health and condition of your roof. 

Can my leaky roof be repaired?

This depends on many factors as well.  We often find we can repair many leaks on homes.  If your roof is leaking, call a professional to take a look and determine what the proper next steps are.  Many time it can be a simple fix, while others it may be more complicated.

How long does it take to replace my roof?

This depends on a few things such as the size of the roof, the steepness and the materials being installed.  Most residential roofs take 1-3 days to do a complete tear off and install of shingles.

Will insurance cover my roof?

This is a great question! Here in Texas, we get all sorts of weather events.  Insurance companies typically cover sudden and accidental damage to your home, and your roof is no exception.  What insurance adjusters are looking for on your roof is wind or hail damage meeting the companies requirements (which vary vastly from one company to the next).  The best way to determine if your roof is damaged by wind or hail is having a professional evaluate your roof. 

Does Rose City Roofing have insurance?

Yes we do! Rose City roofing carries both workers comp and general liability for both your protection and ours.

Do’s and do not’s of picking a roofing contractor.

A great place to start is your insurance agent.  They often know who they have heard good things about and those who may not be so easy to work with.   Also talk with your friends & family in the area.  They may be able to share their experiences with you too. 

Make sure the contractor your are working with is LOCAL!  If not, who is going to service the warranty or handle the punch out list?

Do not just let anyone on your roof.  If salesmen are knocking on your door, they are trying to drum up business.  Call your agent and ask for a referral. 

Do not sign anything until your insurance company has signed off on your roof replacement!  This is a classic tactic many unethical contractors and is not needed before your insurance company has inspected your roof.

Ask for references.  Any contractor should be able to provide these to you easily.

Make sure your roofing contractor carries both general liability and workers comp insurance.

Lastly, check them out on BBB.  Make sure they have a good rating.